Tranquil Abode
Disaster Resilient Dwelling

Monsoon of 2022 has proven to be the most devastating in the history of Pakistan, with more than 2 million homes damaged, affecting more than 33 million people. While 7.9 million of the victims are temporarily displaced, some 20.6 million are in dire need of assistance. The deluge did not just add on to the homelessness and poverty, but the flood victims are forced to live under the drastic circumstances with no access to clean drinking water or arrangement with respect to the sanitation needs. The damaged roads and bridges have made it difficult for aid to be timely provided to them. Though many measures are been taken for immediate shelter but little efforts are being done to rehabilitate them post disaster. WM Creative Studio Re-Lab has designed a Tranquil Abode: Disaster Resilient Dwelling to provide a safe abode for rehabilitation of flood victims. The design of Tranquil Abode ensures human well-being by opting for locally sourced construction materials and keeping environmental integrity and social context as the priorities. The construction of the prototype of Tranquil Abode is being sponsored by Baitussalam Welfare Trust. Status: The prototype is being built in Uthal (Balochistan), and Jacobabad (Sindh), Shadan Lund (DG Khan) Pakistan. To read full essay, follow the link below,