RMB Erasmus Workshop Germany

4th RMB International Student Workshop – Detmold | Germany

Organized by ERASMUS and DAAD

Title: After the Military has gone.


11-16th May, 2019


In 2019, Ar. Wajiha Siddiqui participated as Workshop Mentor from University of Karachi,  in the 4th RMB workshop, which was held at Detmold University, Germany. 4 students from the Architecture Programme of Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, represented the university as students. Apart from the students of University of Karachi, the international workshop had students from varied fields related to the built environment from 7 different European universities.


The workshop brief required the students to find contemporary solutions for the abandoned barracks that were occupied by the British Army during and after World War 2. In Detmold, the barracks were soon to be demolished because of non occupancy, therefore, contemporary solutions were expected to be proposed to encourage users to consider occupying them.


The barracks did not only represent the history but had a lot of potential to be adapted and reused. The students were expected to think beyond the exterior spaces to make it livable for the potential inhabitants. A thorough understanding of contemporary housing requirements and cultures were necessary in order to come up with design solutions that could fulfill the needs of the future inhabitants.