Besides robbing many of their lives and shelters, the deluge of 2022 has impeded the education of many children. With more than 27,000 schools devoured by the “flood on steroids”, almost 2 million children have lost all connection with their schools.

Baitussalam Welfare Trust is developing constructive projects toward education to reach out to deprived and remote areas all over Pakistan. The need for a proper schooling system was always eminent but the 2022 flooding has aggravated the situation further. Schools are all the more important now, not just for education but as a haven to bring routine back to the lives of children. A way forward will be to initiate with small steps and take it from there.

Pakistan is the second number for most out-of-school children; the number is more than 22 million children! As ignominious as it may sound, almost 52% of the children out of school in Sindh belong to poor socio-economic backgrounds. Baitussalam Welfare Trust has taken initiative with the WM Creative Studio-Relab team to initiate a child-centric, neo-vernacular, sustainable modular approach school for the flood-affected region in Sindh to rejuvenate the community. The Baitussalam School will be built at Jacobabad, the hottest city in the district in the province of Sindh. The city is well known for its sultry summers when the temperature can rise to up to 52 degrees centigrade! This school will serve, not just as an education hub but as a safe space for the community to thrive. Unlike conventional schooling, the purpose is to take school as a space where formal and informal learning is encouraged.

The core idea is to improve literacy, rejuvenate and strengthen community bonding through farming and appreciate children and parents to learn from each other.