Futehally Chemical Pvt Ltd

Creative design does not always have to be complex; aesthetics can be achieved in simplicity, this is what we strived to achieve for FCL building. A design which is clean, simple and functional.

The design solution is derived from the site itself. Circulation is provided at both the ends as the site is elongated. In order to curtail the need for air-conditioning, the services are kept to the south. 

Multiple vertical planes ensure a well-lit and cool interior. The planes can be turned as per the direction of the sunlight. This helps in keeping the interior spaces shaded yet illuminated, making most of the natural sunlight and wind.

The facade of vertical planes extends to the roof, making the semi-open communal space welcoming and cool. 

To our advantage, in this case, the functionality adds on to the aesthetics. The thick wall to cover up the core, faces the main road. Not only does the wall provide a barrier from direct sunlight but it also serves as a marker, the reason why it is also used for the signage.

FCL is an example of how aesthetics and functionality can complement each other.