It’s a pity that when it comes to fast food eateries, not everyone can enjoy eating there. The client wanted to change that without compromising on the quality. Uplifting the aspiration of the client, very cost effective yet amiable design solutions are provided, so that users can have a quality food, at a reasonable price, in a hearty ambiance. 

The color palette is selected for adding liveliness to the environment while boosting the food intake of the diners. Kuchi’s Chicken House exemplifies how efficient design is achievable within a budget, utilizing the available materials. Besides designing within a budget, the challenge in this project was to make use of the abundant materials that were bought in bulk and were now being wasted. Opting for the sustainable approach, the architects utilized the gray tiles for the flooring and corian for the counters, recycling the materials that would otherwise be wasted. 

A routine maintenance procedure calls for revamping after, at least, 5 year. Keeping future perspective in mind, the flooring and roof are designed minimally with hanging lamps and metal meshes, keeping the environment simple, clean yet vibrant. 

In some places, the metal mesh works as partition walls too, ensuring permeability while providing the requisite privacy as well to the customers. To further add rigor to the place, the colorful wall art

are custom designed.

Kuchi’s Chicken House is not just a simple eatery but an uplifting factor for staff, customers and surprisingly for the neighborhood too.