Roohi’s Residence signifies how the joint families can live together while still enjoying the privacy of the nuclear family. The house is sectioned into two family units, but the double-heighted living space works as a core of the house; the nucleus of the home where all the family members enjoy their meals together. 


Privacy plays another factor in the arrangement of the spaces, therefore, instead of an extroverted space, intimate, internal family courtyards are provided. The courtyard spaces act as buffers between the two units, while at the same time provide visual comforts to those experiencing the hall space.


Thick wall to the south cools the interior by not allowing the harsh sun rays to seep into the bedroom. The sun shade helps further to reflect the south sun. The internal courtyards keep the internal spaces airy and comforting.


This project celebrates the spirit of family and culture without settling for the breach of privacy of both the families.