Ar. M. Mehdi Hyder Ali

Muhammad Mehdi Hyder is an architect, academician, and performing artist. He was appointed as an adjunct faculty at the Department of Visual Studies, the University of Karachi for 3 years, where he supervised students for an international design competition; fortunately, all three prizes were won by his students. In 2021 he completed his Master degree in Sustainable Environmental Design. He holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Karachi. After graduation in 2011, he worked with numerous architectural firms and participated in national and international competitions. He has been working independently since 2014 and recently launched the WM Re-lab, to establish a research platform based on architectural, social, environmental, and educational discussions. Currently he serves as a Design Studio Instructor at Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi and Thesis Instructor at Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology.

Ar. Wajiha Siddiqui

Architect, Wajiha Mehdi Siddiqui, has a diverse national and international design and teaching experience to her credit, some of which include archival research, cross-cultural Erasmus mentorship for “Re-use of modernist Buildings” (RMB) workshop in Germany, disaster-resilient design and management, and successfully conducting Thesis Studio for more than 5 years. She completed her MS in Project Management from Bahria University, Karachi; her thesis was focused on assessing risk factors in Architecture Design to ensure Sustainability in Housing Projects. She earned her undergraduate degree in Architecture from University of Karachi in 2008. She has received the IAP – Mehdi Ali Mirza Award for Academic Excellence in her Bachelor degree. Wajiha has been practicing architecture for over 11 years. Currently, serving as a lecturer at the Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi. Her research focuses on place-making and social sustainability aspects of architecture. She is also an associate member of the WM Re-lab, a research platform for architectural, social, environmental, and educational discourses.


M. Nafeel Qureshi

Nafeel Qureshi is an architect, crafter and plant enthusiast. He completed his Bachelor in Architecture, earning distinction in Architecture Thesis, from the Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi in 2021. He worked independently as well as with firms on various native projects. His research essay was shortlisted in Berkeley Essay Prize 2021. Nafeel wishes to work on projects that have the potential to eradicate poverty and promote social cohesion. His Thesis Project “ Development Delirium: How Architecture Nurtures Inequality won in Architecture category at Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2022 and a runner-up at Eduwik Architecture Excellence Award 2022. Currently, Nafeel works as an Architect at WM Creative Studio.

nihal ahmed

Nihal is an Architect who completed his Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. His leadership role in a student body during his university tenure inspired him to establish Architive Studio, a student-based organization that empowers and inspires interdisciplinary dialogue for students to learn, create, and share their ideas. In addition to architecture, Nihal has volunteered in community building projects in Thar, Uthal, and Jacobabad, which is reflected in his Architecture Thesis “Redefining Religious Spaces – Mosque as a Social Catalyst.” Currently, Nihal works as an Architect at WM Creative Studio.

Our Confidants

sadia siddiqui

Sadia Siddiqui is an Architect and Researcher. Recently completed her Bachelors in Architecture in 2021, with distinction, from the University of Karachi, Sadia Siddiqui had worked as a Research Associate at WM Creative Re-lab and Associate Architect at WM Creative Studio. She also attended the RMB Erasmus Programme at ITÜ, Istanbul, Turkey, organized by DOCOMOMO and Detmold University, Germany, as a student from the University of Karachi. She had been a runner-up for her startup idea, “Kitaab, Kahaani Aur Main” at I am Karachi Innovation Challenge 2015, organized by PIF and a runner-up for a design challenge, Unilever UDesign Challenge 2019, organized by Unilever. She presented her thesis lecture at Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe. In 2022, she participated, along with Nafeel Qureshi, in 9th Advanced Architecture Contest, Design with Biocities, organized by Institute of Advanced Architecture(IAAC), whereby their project was shortlisted to be published by ACTAR. She currently teaches at Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi and works as researcher at WM Re-Lab.

Abbas Reza

Abbas Reza is associated with the Architecture and Construction Industry for the past 25 years. Currently working as a Director Development at HMR Waterfront and also as Architecture Coordinator at Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, Abbas Reza is well acquainted with both, the academic as well as the industrial dynamics of the field. His expert insights related to design, technical construction details, project and team management, standard compliance and his thorough understanding of the field and market makes him a valuable advisor to WM Creative Studio. 

Hina Jeoffry

Hina Jeoffry graduated from University of Karachi with a degree in Biochemistry. She has a passion to be an educationist with her focus mainly on creating a conducive learning environment for children. Being a mother of three children, Hina has observed how each child has their own personality and what a significant positive impact an adult can make on children by accepting their traits and choices. She has served as teacher assistant and teacher aid at various primary schools in Ontario, Canada. Currently Hina is pursuing her passion for teaching by pursuing a degree in Education from Trent University, Canada. Hina’s devotion towards education and her empathetic approach and advice regarding students are valuable assets for WM Creative Studio Re-Lab when it comes to designing with empathy for projects related to children.

Zahra Ali Syed

Founder of The Green Pilgrim, Crops in Pots, Learning Garden and Co-Founder of Organic City Zahra Ali Syed is self-taught horticulturist. She has imparted her knowledge as an environmentalist, writer and sustainability educationist to more than 10,000 young learners through her Learning Garden Programme. Besides being an environmentalist, Zahra is focused to bring a positive change for those seeking mental health therapy. Her Horticulture Therapy and Nature Therapy for mentally challenged and autistic individuals are successfully implemented at The Recovery House and School for Autism(DUHS). Zahra also writes at Dawn, Express Tribune, Newsline, Subh Nau and The Friday Times. Her years of knowledge in the field of landscaping, environment, horticulture and sustainability is much treasured as an advisor for WM Creative Studio Re-Lab, who is always exploring environmentally favorable design solutions.


Reema’s background is in design and brand styling. She holds a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from University of Karachi. She has vast experience in publication design and branding. Following her studies, she worked at Dawn Media Group as an editorial designer, where she supported rebranding for Herald Magazine and created the logo, branding and website for Dawn Images. Being an educationist as well, she has imparted her knowledge to students by teaching  branding and social design at University of Karachi and Comsats University-Islamabad. Reema’s project was part of COVID-19 Digital Art Exhibition – UK. She also does art direction and layout design for Upon Faith Quran Translation book series and runs her own design business and works on multiple projects globally.