about us

What we do?

After working for several design firms, the duo, Wajiha and Mehdi, significantly felt that the field of Architecture in the country lacked the essence of community participation. Instead of celebrating individuality of the end user through space, it mainly focuses on the choice of the designer/architect. The resultant is a beautiful space reflecting the architect’s design philosophy but lacking the personality of the inhabitants. To encourage community participation and to appreciate plurality, WM Creative Studio was started in 2014. Besides involving the end user in the design process, the aim is to ensure budget friendly design solutions which are aligned with the socio-cultural context of the region. 

Keeping the holistic approach towards design, the firm seeks ways to develop means that can serve the end user wholly by understanding how the user interacts or connects with the place. Architecture is not just an art of beautiful buildings; it plays a significant role in shaping lives, impacting humans’ well being and modifying the environment for better or for worse. 

In 2019, the studio initiated the WM Creative Studio Re-Lab with an idea to focus on research and extended its team with individuals having similar ideas related to the field of design. With design and research, the team tries to ensure that the environment is served right by designing with socio-cultural sensitivity and the needs of individuals who will be experiencing the spaces. For that, they always focus on 4 basic questions that are :


1-If Architecture is for people, are we encouraging participatory design?

2-Are we designing with social responsiveness?

3-Are we actually working on humane practices or just preaching it?

4-Can we come up with ethical projects for investors to invest in, instead of the other way round?